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Major Reasons Why You Have to Go Spread Betting

Spread betting websites that offer up-to-the minute online trading applications such as Tradefair or IGIndex are becoming the norm in mainstream online trading. This trading software provides day traders with all the tools they need to identify clear and reliable indicators that will allow them to trade or buy on a specific future position.

This trading tool gives day traders all the information they need to make the right trading decisions. It also allows them to monitor the market’s progress and conditions and take a decision on when and how to exit a trading position. Spread betting allows day traders to leverage these features without the cost of broker commissions. All trading activities are conducted online.

Spread betting allows both beginners and seasoned traders to trade on commodities such as wheat, oil, and gold. It also gives them the ability to trade on share indices, like the Dow Jones and FTSE 100. This trading activity can be done in a variety of currencies. Spread betting has one distinctive characteristic: the spread is exempt from tax.

Here are five reasons to spread your financial bets:

1. Simple to use

Spread betting in financial markets is based upon the general principle that you place a bet on one stake per point. This type of system works in virtually all futures markets, and under all market conditions 맨션88. The system can appear complicated and difficult at first but once you have tried it, you’ll see that it is very simple and easy to follow.

2. Minimal initial capital requirement

Spread betting doesn’t require you to have a large capital infusion. Broker’s commissions are not something you need to be concerned about when trading shares. You won’t feel weighed down even when you make small trades. The spread size already accounts for incidental costs, so they are the same regardless how small your trade position.

3. Trades are completely tax-free

You don’t have to pay stamp duty every time you buy. The financial benefits you get from this system do not come with any tax duties. This means that you can make a lot of money, especially if your goal is to break the capital gains threshold. To maximize the earning potential of your trading positions, it is important to keep an eye on tax legislation changes.

4. Currency fluctuation protection

If you decide to buy in foreign currencies using your account, you may be exposed to additional risk because of possible currency declines. Spread betting on the other hand is a transaction that is played out on the point to point shifts. The currency factor is not part of the trading equation. Spread betting allows you to leverage your position and play the dips or peaks in the currency.

5. Application diversity

This trading system allows you play on multiple markets by using one spread betting account. This gives you the flexibility to trade for local or foreign equities as well as currencies, home prices, commodities futures and interest, as well a variety of bonds and interests.

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