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Art and Entertainment As Economic Development

Not long ago, I was talking to a Chamber of Commerce president from a nearby local community. I explained that the chamber needed an arts and entertainment committee. A small group to hold community events that help promote the awareness of some of our local talents. Here, we have many artists, authors, artists, architects and designers. Many of them are self-employed, some work away from home and need help with public relations, marketing and need to develop their reputation. Not to mention the fact that they would have to join the Chamber of Commerce if they wanted to be part of the group.

How about using art and entertainment as a tool for economic development? How about using this sector to help put the city on the map, to inform the world that local talent was the cream of the crop? Why not have a group of authors and artists, and why not hold an event that everyone in the community could come to see and have people from elsewhere too? This would help them sell their work and economic development.

Artists and authors are also business people, self-employed – just like our architects and designers. And you may be surprised to find that in your own community you have a lot of artists, DJs, local bands and comedians, also self-employed. The promotion of small businesses helps everyone. These people also need to buy computers, screens, clothes and coffee, lots of coffee. Can you also have clothing designers, weavers, upholstery makers, and all the women who make quilts? Trust me when I say that there are many people in your community involved in this kind of activity, it’s your own little world, it’s your own business.

Why not promote it all at the local Chamber of Commerce level, why not promote it as an economic development and allow these people to gather and sell their products at a local fair or big event? Bringing people into the area, people who spend money, go to restaurants and enjoy the day. They will also be buying what all these artists are producing. And they can enjoy the entertainment while they’re here, maybe even make an appointment with some of the artists for private parties.

Promoting your local small business, especially the smallest business, all these operations of a man or a woman at home is a wise idea – these artists and artists need our help. In fact, I hope you consider all this and think about it.

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